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Is The Story Of Brendon Buchanan, Undercover Intelligence Operative And Master Of Over Two Hundred False Identities A Man Forced To Assume The Most Elusive And Treacherous Identity Of All His Own Tracking The Most Devastating Conspiracy He Has Ever Encountered, Trapped By His Love Of Two Enigmatic, Beautiful Women, He Will Race Through A Sinister Labyrinth Of Intrigue To A Shattering Rendezvous With Fate In A Novel That Not Only Offers [ read Online Assumed Identity ñ canadian-literature PDF ] by David Morrell ↠´ A Brilliant, Action Packed Plot And Fascinating Characters, But Asks Daring, Provocative Questions About Our Own Identities As Well Brendan Buchanan is a master of disguise Over his years working for the CIA, he has assumed countless identities and played them all perfectly There s only one he can t master his own.
A mission goes bad and forces him to take time off to heal multiple injuries His superiors want him to step out of the field permanently and become a trainer As he contemplates his future, he receives a cryptic message from his past I enjoyed watching Buchanan struggle to be himself after so many years of becoming other people Even as he searches for the woman who sent him the message, he wonders if he wants to help her as himself or as the role he played when he knew her six years prior On top of that, reporter Holly McCoy is determined to make a story out of what she s learned about one or two of his previous identities The story was fast paced, Some good ideas, but could have been told in aconcise manner Alot of action, though.
Assumed Identity is an spy thriller that explores the question of identity for a man whose life has consisted for years of being anyone but himself The action and thriller components of the novel sit right in Morrell s wheelhouse, and the plot is fairly entertaining, but overall it falls short of Morrell s usual standard of popcorn fun.
I found the mechanics of the writing to be incredibly weak and lazy Rather than illustrate characters responses through dialog or action, Morrell simply slaps an appropriate response on their face Physical description of various characters are repeated, often nearly identically, in multiple places, which caused me to skim over chunks of the book once the repetition became predictable and tedious Also, for a book published in 1993, m Ó Assumed Identity Ó Not as good as fifth profession, but still good Lots of action and intrigue The only thing I really disliked about it is this What happened to with Juana Did he ever find her, did he report to her parents like he promised, is the Col Still planning to kill him and Holly Seriously Too many unanswered questionswhen a book comes to the conclusion I expect it to conclude This one does notBut it is still a thrill ride and a good read.
It is probably unfair to criticize the work 25 years old, especially if the author whomever I happen to like for other work However, for the sake of the readers to come, here it is.
It is a cheesy as it gets popcorn fun as another reader called it I was waiting for some depth all the way to the end, then left with nothing Way too many unfinished threads, very primitive ending Nevertheless, the primitive romance in the novel takes the first place of underdeveloped, teen soap opera quality Sorry Mr Morrell, I finished the novel just out of respect.
Finally circled back and finished this book that I had started over a year ago The Fifth Profession is one of my favorite books and this story has reminded me how I really enjoy David Morrell s work This is a compelling story and while almost 25 years old still remarkably relevant and worth reading and pondering Lots of spy thriller action with some social political economic intrigue as well.
Intense and complicatedStrong character in Buchanan Involved plots keep reader engaged continuously You will read large sections at a time to keep events and characters straight.
quite a feat, thisp5 morrell writes in a lucid and cinematic style, and his works can be read and reread many times without losing suspense associated pressp31 y para mis compadres Could have been a real page turner, Alas by the endyou ll wonder why it couldn t have been reduced byat least 100 pages The Story runs out of steam like an overlong journey you re grateful to finallyarrive at the end.