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I listened to this book on audio, well read and exciting book My only issue was to make a reporter challenge professional hitmen and hoodlums, he always had the right trick up his sleeve as a result of previous interviews and had total recall whenever necessary.
Morrell is the master of action thrillers and i thought it was nothing profound.
p97 the tip of the silencer snagged.
This story is a thriller but it s very slow and takes too long to get to the point There are some really good suspense worthy bits but when you get to the end and realise what it s about, it s pretty lame Can t recommend it.
Matt Pittman Staat Op Het Punt Zelfmoord Te Plegen Als Hij Zijn Vinger Om De Trekker Spant, Gaat De Telefoon Anderen Maken Wel Uit Hoe En Wanneer Pittmann Zal Sterven Jonathan Millgate Ligt Op Sterven Hij Is Een Van De Vijf Legendarische Diplomaten Die De Raadsheren Worden Genoemd De Raadsheren Hebben De Afgelopen Veertig Jaar Het Buitenlands Beleid Van De Verenigde Staten Bepaald En Een Enorme Rijkdom Vergaard In De Wapenhandel Maar Ook [David Morrell] ë Desperate Measures [gender-identity PDF] read Online ë Vijanden

Good read Matt Pittman s life is one full of sorrow His son died of a rare form of bone cancer called Ewing s Sarcoma the same kind that Morrell s son died from and his wife left him shortly after, and unable to cope with his pitiful life any longer, he decides to commit suicide He has the barrel of a gun in his mouth, ready to pull the trigger when the phone rings and he is tasked with an assignment from an old friend write the obituary for a dying diplomat And because his friend helped him so much when his son was dying, he felt obliged to do him one last favour before he takes his own life Pittman finds himself outside of the dying diplomat, Jonathan Wingate s house, peeping through a glass door Then he notices everyone leave the room while Wingate gasps for breath Pittman enters the r ↠´ Desperate Measures ↠´ My 30 minutes each way commute to work is ideal for audio books As I turned into my drive tonight after an afternoon shift, Desperate Measures drew to a close and the narrator announced an epilogue I turned off the engine and decided to see it out rather than listen to the closing statements tomorrow It turned out to be several minutes of the rambling and unnecessary thoughts of Matt Pittman, the story s protaganist This pattern had established itself throughout the book, with regular asides from the story being taken to allow Pittman a self indulgent mental meander Perhaps on the page Pittman s ramblings would have beenvaluable I didn t care too much for the audio narrator and of course that can make or break an audio book That Pittman s digressions became grating may well have been partly down to the voice that I heard them in.
Thrillers are often far Once you get past the first 35 pages, its quite a ride Desperate Measures begins with newspaper reporter Matt Pittman, the protagonist, who is literally preparing to kill himself with his pistol out of grief for his son that has died from cancer when the phone rings Pittman decides to answer it because he wants to make sure that he exits this life without owing anything to anyone It is his best friend and his boss who covered for him innumerable times when his son was sick He asks for onefavor and Pittman reluctantly goes back on the job for onestory It was at this point in the book that I was about ready to close it up and start another book because the whole I m going to kill myself angle was getting very, very old I realize that Morrell was writing out of This thriller was enough of a page turner to keep me getting on my exercise bike for a week The protagonist Matt Pittman, a down on his luck journalist just about to commit suicide, is pulled from the brink by a phone call for help from an editor friend to whom he is deeply indebted Vowing to give his friend one week of service writing the obituary of a grand statesman who is not yet deceased, Pittman soon finds himself accused of murder and on the run Soon dead bodies are piling up.
Pittman says he is the sum of the stories he has written Newspaperman as Main Character allows Pittman to call on the expertise of various people he has interviewed over the years an interesting device that allows a regular guy to get