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A great story with engaging characters Morrell is the master at writing action sequences.
I read this for the first time in 1996 It is the second book of what is known as the Mortalis trilogy Since then I have read it multiple times It is a great story It s about violence, religion, penance, redemption, love, and protection of those we love I won t give the story away, but it is suspenseful, well written, and ultimately satisfying in an unsatisfying sort of way.
To understand the whole story, all three books need to be read I will review the others soon.
Maclane Was A Star Agent Until The Day The Killing Had To Stop He Withdrew And For Six Years Lived The Life Of A Hermit In A Monastery But Someone Has Tracked Him Down, Leaving A Trail Of Corpses Someone Who Knows All About Him, Who Knows How To Draw Him Back Into That Electrifying World Where No One Is As He Seems, And Where Life S Most Horrifying And Harrowing Game Is [ Pdf The Fraternity of the Stone ↠´ western-africa PDF ] by David Morrell ↠´ Played Ex secret agent assassin Drew withdraws to a secluded monastery to atone for the sins of his life He intends to spend the rest of his long life there in silence and solitude But then the entire monastery is poisoned and he finds himself pursued, as members of his former life are hunted and killed He accepts help from The Fraternity of the Stone in order to find the man behind the killings I enjoyed the book, it s fast paced and full of the details Morrell is famous for I liked Drew and the story is a good thriller because it doesn t seem that far fetched to me Killers for God isn t a new trope but its still a compelling one.
This is the kind of novel where I wanted to escape into the story whenever I had some free time to read It s the kind of book that goes too fast Mainly I review books that I like This was high on the list because the characters were likable, the suspense was high, and the reading was a pleasure If you crave adventure stories, you might also try The Golden Catch, a thriller adventure novel where the action unfolds in the stormy Aleutian Islands Roger Weston, author of The Golden Catch Too many twist and turns Too many questions Secrets are bigger I don t feel thrilled.
I picked up this book because the blurb was exciting It was action filled An assassin who became a monk A monk thrust in a world already unknown to him A promise not for vengeance but for justice in the name of God.
Catchy plot However, It s not so bad But to me, it s not pretty good either Maybe I am stereotyping assassins to have this poker face Movies have warped my mind in believing that killers are emotionless and heartless creatures unless you get amnesia like Mr Bourne That may possibly be the reason for my 3Because the pacing was fast and the martial arts movements were quick, I had to speed read a bit, keeping up with the energetic words When À The Fraternity of the Stone Ä One word Brilliant

hit with a bang, couldn t put this thriller down Morrell is great at the super secret agent genre.
Review May 2016 This follows The Brotherhood of the Rose sort of There are no characters in common, just a similarity in what the characters do a crisis in faith I m dropping this to 2 stars because I never understood why the main character ever had the sort that he had I have no use for that sort of idiocy The action world was good, but only the MC was fully drawn The few other characters were shells, especially the girl Unfortunately, too many of the actions hinged on motivations that I just didn t buy.
Why I didn t like Drew s motivations is a view spoiler Drew didn t have a particularly religious upbringing nor inclinations in that regard as an adult His crisis of conscience was understandable, but turning to the most stringent Catholic beliefs made no sense to me, esp