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This first issue is a great way to start a miniseries I definitely would want to know what comes next, especially if the cliffhanger is about to bring the main character into the spirit realm that s straight out of somebody s nightmare.
When Shan Fong s husband is killed, she doesn t think she ll ever get over it Instead, she throws herself into her work as the Death Defying Doctor Mirage, a medium who uses her ability to speak to ghosts to help others move on But when a tantalizing glimpse into the world of the dead illuminates the chance of seeing Hwen again, she ll plunge into a plot that spans decades and multiple dimensions on her quest to reunite with him.
This one was really, really good There s a lot of world building in only five issues, fleshing out the Deadside and the rest of the realm of the dead so than Shadowman did in 20 issues, and with alikeable protagonist at its heart Shan is a flawed character, but you can t help but root for her Think Jessica Jones, but with blue hair and less of the potty mouth.
There are three or four plotlines What are their doctorates in, anyway I wasn t a huge fan of this book The art is awful It is all scratchy and ill defined Some panels were difficult to even decipher what was happening in them The story felt like an attempt to establish a John Constantine for the Valiant universe I did enjoy the relationship between Shan and Hwen The ridiculous number of magical Macguffins in the book really irked me though.
The Death Defying Doctor Mirage is one of the most creative character re imaginings in the reborn Valiant comics line The Death Defying Doctor Mirage stars Shan Fong Mirage, a paranormal investigator who has the ability to talk to ghosts The only spirit she can t contact is that of her late husband, Hwen Four years after Hwen s death, Shan is still struggling to come to grips with the loss.
Shan reluctantly agrees to meet with eccentric billionaire Linton March She discovers March is bound to a creature from another dimension and wants to break the connection The creature tips Shan that helping March might finally lead her to Hwen s spirit Shan s spirit crosses over into the land of the dead She encounters a variety of spirits, learnsabout her powers and discovers that

It was a very good tale and a new kind of twist on this particular genre It was little slow to start and took a while to get into Once into it I was fascinated The art is good, the story is good and many of the small details are wonderful Worth giving a read.
¸ The Death-Defying Doctor Mirage ¸ A choppy disorienting mess World The art is a blurry mess I don t mind scratchy art, it sometimes works beautiful for horror Albuquerque comes to mind but here it s not the case, here it s just a messy blurry dark mess The art is confusing and when the action and characters come crashing together it s a mess I ve used mess a lot but yes it s a mess The world building is solid, the world is established well and so far seems consistent internally with the rules somewhat explained The worlds and the areas inside the magical realm is interesting, the best part of the book Story A choppy mess just like the art The first issue was good and then the rest it got draggy and draggy and the art really took away from the story I had trouble following the art and therefore had trouble following the story The story became jumbled Jan Van Meter delivers what is possibly her best work on The Death Defying Doctor Mirage This is by far, the most risky re imagining of a Valiant property yet, and I could not beimpressed with the execution Borrowing from the afterlife heavy Valiant lore, and elements of Gaiman s Sandman, this title weaves a complicated, yet sound yarn, through a breathtakingly well realized character s life So much happens in this book, bringing us new elements for the arcane side of the Valiant U often neglected since Shadowman s end The characters are top notch, the dialogue is wonderfully witty, the pacing and plot require some work from the reader, but every piece is here and firmly in place Top it off with Roberto de la Torre s moody, pitch perfect inks and David Baron s blow for blow colors, and we end up with one of my favorite Valiant titles so far MORE MORE MORE MORE MO Bullet Review The reason this 18 page issue took me so long wasthat I had other things to read that needed to be finished i.
e library books and this was just a personal loaner from a colleague.
I ve had some bummer of reads these past few years but this was not one of them I d be very interested in continuing the series.
Additional Apparently Goodreads combines the single issue version and a trade version Sohere we go.
DNF somewhere in Issue 4.
I really liked Issue 1 as I thought it was an intriguing premise However, trying to read the full comicnot doing it for me It took me forever to get through the almost 4 issues I read, and my coworker has to return it to the library.
Was Just The BeginningDoctor Mirage Talks To The Dead But The Only Spirit Shan Fong Can T Find Is That Of Her Late Husband, Hwen Instead, America S Favorite Semi Retired Paranormal Investigator Is Haunted And Raw, Using Her Gift To Solve Homicides And Bring Peace To The Recently Bereaved But When A Big Time Occultist With A Classified Military Past Hires Her For A Special Job, Shan Discovers A Lead That Might Close The Greatest [ Pdf The Death-Defying Doctor Mirage Ç romania PDF ] by Jen Van Meter Ä Mystery She S Ever Tackled How To Get Hwen Back Now, Doctor Mirage Must Enter The Undiscovered Country And Cross All The Realms Of The Underworld If She Has Any Hope Of Rescuing The Man She Lovesor Be Forever Lost Beyond The Earthly PlaneJoin Eisner Award Nominated Writer Jen Van Meter Hopeless Savages, Captain Marvel And Acclaimed Artist Roberto De La Torre Daredevil, Age Of Apocalypse As Valiant S Occult Adventurer Embarks On A Journey Across The Realms Of The Dead To Bring Her Love Back To The Land Of The LivingCollecting The Death Defying Doctor Mirage